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Problems Dragging and Dropping when using Smart and Windows 7

In the last week I’ve had this happen twice.  When using Windows 7 and Smartboard V 10.6 dragging and dropping was behaving sporadically.  Apparently there’s a conflict with the electronic pen that is built into Windows 7 but it’s really easy to fix. Just go into 1.  Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Pen and Touch 2.  Click […]

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Smart Notebook 10

Have you upgraded to Smart 10? If not you are missing out on all sorts of new tools and resources . I have been into several schools in the last few weeks that are still using Smart 9 or 9.7. Its a free upgrade and you can find it by going to Don’t be […]

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Using Photostory3 in the Classroom

Photostory 3 is a ‘free’ software package from Microsoft that you can use to turn your still photographs into a movie. It’s extremely easy to use and perfect for use in Primary Schools. Here is a clip created by some Year 6 pupils: The ideas for using it in the classroom are endless: Timelines Field […]

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