B and Q Get it Right!

Another great example of companies using Twitter for Customer service. Thanks to @annieqpr for sharing her experience.

As you know I love twitter for the social aspect. With my job I am often stuck at home with babies and children sleeping happily away, and it’s a way for me to have adult contact when I’m unable to leave the home.

Recently however, I learnt the power of twitter to help in a difficult situation that had otherwise pervaded me. Last year we took a ceiling fan out to our Villa in Crete. We paid an electrician to put it up, and when we came back from a day out he said “I can’t find the control” Noooooooooooooo! We had bought the fan in B&Q at home, absolute nightmare. We decided against taking it all down again and take back to the UK for something so silly!

When we got home I rang the branch, again and again and again and again. I quickly learnt that they had dumped the supplier, but I was within 28 days just couldn’t produce the goods to return.

#cutastoryshort Eight and a half months later and I’m tearing my hair out, so I send a tweet basically saying that B & Q are rubbish and not to be trusted! Alakazam, within minutes I get a message asking what the problem is, a request for a phone number, followed by an immediate phonecall promising to help!

I kid you not, within 24 hours my problem was solved and my control received, thank you @BandQ

The power of twitter, I love it!’



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