Using Youtube Videos in Primary

You tube has thousands of excellent educational videos.  Unfortunately, it’s too risky to use them in schools and for the most part I’ve found that the majority of schools are blocked from accessing Youtube, which is understandable.

There are ways of making YouTube a bit safer but they still aren’t failsafe.  You can create a favourites list in YouTube, watch them on full screen to avoid inappropriate comments popping up, put it in safety mode and/or register an account for your child with an accurate age so that YouTube’s filters kick in.

I recently came across the following two sites, Kideos and ZuiTube which I thought may be an answer to this.  They both pull the majority of their content from YouTube but the content is approved by parents and teachers first.  The interface also ensures that pupils can’t wander off of the sites into something innappropriate.  When you first go into the site it may look they just have entertainment videos for kids but if you look closer you will see all kinds of educational resources; Telling Time, Days of the Week, Coin Counting, Making Volcanoes, Adverbs, etc.  Try searching ‘educational’

I’m not sure of the logistics, as they may still be blocked as they contain YouTube videos, but I’m sure that if you talk to your administrator or education authority and they would remove the ban.

Good luck and I’d be very interested to see how you get on.






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