Smart Notebook 10

Have you upgraded to Smart 10? If not you are missing out on all sorts of new tools and resources .

I have been into several schools in the last few weeks that are still using Smart 9 or 9.7. Its a free upgrade and you can find it by going to

Don’t be put off by the fact you now need an activation code – instructions for how to find your serial number of your board to get one are on the site too. They have done this because too many people were abusing their generous license terms and using their software on other whiteboards. You may need to be signed on as administrator to do this or get your technican to do for you.

Tell your technician that there are instructions for rolling out across a network too if they pull faces at you!

Once you have done it look at all the benefits!

  • Customizable themes (finally all your pages can be the same colour or theme!)
  • Customizable toolbar – add extra tools and get rid of ones you don’t use
  • Improved floating tools to use over other programs
  • Handwriting recognition-  now recognizes 23 different  languages and accents from those languages
  • Magic Pen tool – magnify, create a spotlight or use disappearing ink
  • Table integration – create a table or cut and paste one from elsewhere
  • Active alignment – line up all your objects on the page
  • Object animation – simple animations you can add to objects – eg appear, spin , fade in/out etc
  • SMART recorder – now includes optional sound recording
  • Shape recognition tool – tidies up your wobbly circles or lines
  • Colour and gradient fill effects
  • Spell check
  • Lesson activity toolkit – flash templates to make your own interactive activities
  • Lots of new photos, videos and images in the new Gallery essentials
  • Integrated access to the Smart Exchange – thousands of teacher shared resources

The very latest update , 10.6 also includes

  • Measurement Tools – Insert a ruler, protractor, Geodreieck protractor or compass on a page
  • Transparent Background Mode, – view the desktop and windows behind the SMART Notebook window and continue to interact with the open, transparent file.
  • Regular Polygon Tool – insert regular polygons with 3 to 15 sides, and customise their colour, size and line style

You can update to this if you already have smart 10 by clicking on help>check for updates. 




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